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Show Me Your Sole

December 16, 2008

“Who throws a shoe, I mean honestly”-Austin Powers

In case you don’t read CNN every 10 minutes like I do, you might not know that while in Baghdad over the weekend, a reporter from a Baghdad television station hurled both of his shoes at President Bush during a press conference regarding the recently signed status-of-forces agreement. The president, displaying pretty exceptional reflexes for a man over 60, was not injured and the reporter who thew them was jumped by Secret Service pretty quick. Bush called off the lead agent and then finished the press conference.

My Take:
Well, it beats a grenade, right George? Ordinarily, off-the-cuff remarks from W make me feel like someone is rubbing my balls with sandpaper, but he was pretty good this time. “All I can report is that it was a size 10″…now I don’t care who you are, that’s funny. Also funny was Bush commenting on how disdain towards him is hardly unfamiliar…”It’s like when you’re driving and people aren’t waiving with all five fingers.” I think we should attack them for this. Let’s bomb the shit out of their country and invade. I wonder how long this guy weighed the pros and cons…”well, I guess the worst that can happen is they declare war on our country, declare the war over after a few weeks, operate a notorious prison like Hussein did, and not leave until 2012.” I guess, when you’ve lost that much, you really don’t care who you’re throwing shoes at.

I would have liked to see this guy chuck his shoes at Saddam. I wonder why no one ever did that…

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